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Capture signatures at the place of work

Securely signing an electronic document not only requires a signature capturing device to record the handwritten signature, it requires specialised software to embed the captured signature securely into the document enabling one to digitally sign the document ensuring that it is forgery proof.

Signatura provides software products from leading providers worldwide.

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Capture signatures over the Web

E-sign online on virtually any internet-enabled device without the need to download and install anything.

Actively trigger a transaction with multiple signers through sending out document links

Enable visitors to sign documents directly on your Web page – supported through video consulting on the document

Allow signatories to enter into a video support call with document sharing if they have any questions relating to the document to be signed.

Signing on iPad and Android

Besides supporting a wide range of different e-signature pads, our server solution also allows the usage of smartphones and tablets based on Android and Apple iOS technology to capture handwritten electronic signatures.

Benefits of using Signatura’s technology via smartphones and tablets:

  • Enables the signing of a document via a smartphone or tablet nearly “everywhere”: sign anywhere, at any time
  • Smartphones are becoming standard equipment, so sales agents, customers, service personal etc. are accustomed to using them. They can thus be utilized to capture signatures without the need for an additional signature pad
  • Enables real-time signature comparison: depending on the capturing quality of the device, the false acceptance/rejection rates might be poorer than signature pads, but they are still much better than any traditional comparison
  • Can be combined with traditional signature pads

Capture signatures in the field

You need to sign documents electronically but don’t want to invest in an in-house e-signature solution? No problem, just use our hosted e-signature service.

Our server-based solution, located in a highly-secure, state-of-the-art data centre, conveniently allows you to simply upload documents and we do the signing for you. All you need on your side is internet access and a compatible e-signature pad, to capture your handwritten biometric signature.

For a minimal monthly fee, you can make use of a highly innovative technology saving you time and money.

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