Enviromental Responsibility

In today’s world, we are all concerned about the environment and the sustainability of the earth’s natural resources in the context of a free-market economy.

At Signatura, we believe it’s very important to look at how we can reduce our impact on our planet and how we can assist our customers to achieve the same end.

We are constantly striving to identify products that enable our customers to reduce paper, printer consumables and energy consumption through the provision of smart technologies that drive efficiencies in our customer’s business processes.

Over the years we have achieved this in several ways and we accept that this will be an ongoing imperative for us to make a meaningful difference.

To this end, we ensure that we work with suppliers who have the same level of commitment to environmental issues as ourselves.

We also work closely with Green Business League/Certification who assist organisations in realising the green goals through a comprehensive and systematic process to achieve sustainability.

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